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A film exploring the Furry Fandom's past, present, and future as told by the people who created it. We'll explore the origins, the first conventions, the fans, the creators, and everything that makes the furry fandom a vibrant and growing community!



Meet the Team

Ash Kreis and Eric “Ash” Risher are award-winning documentary filmmakers  who have teamed up to create this amazing new series. Each lending their blend of unique creative talents in camera work, editing and directing to make this project the most comprehensive look at the fandom to date.

Ash Kreis | Director/DP

Ash Kreis is a filmmaker from Colorado Springs. She got her start working on indie features including The Creep Behind The Camera and The Frame. She also worked in the advertising industry while teaching Cinematography at her local university. The last feature film she worked on was “Being Evel” directed by Daniel Junge and Produced by Johnny Knoxville. Ash left her post at the university to transition and focus on her personal life. Since transition she has been approaching film with a fresh eye focusing on the lives and experiences of members of the LGBT Community. 

Eric Risher | Director/Editor

Eric “Ash” Risher is a filmmaker from the San Francisco Bay Area. He was born in Ohio, where he worked on feature films “Carol” and “Miles Ahead”. He gravitated toward a career in editing, and found himself at home in the world of documentary film. Eric’s directorial debut was a short doc called “Furries” which premiered at Frameline. His work has appeared in numerous other festivals, on the radio, and on TV. Eric’s passion for storytelling has led him to pursue films with a focus on identity and civil rights. In 2017, he received an Emmy award for  his editing work with the Youth Documentary Academy.


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